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Teen Wolf Meme: [1/3] Werewolves » Isaac Lahey

"Yeah, well, you being happy isn’t really a big priority of mine. Since you stabbed me.. twenty times..with knives"


Alex Turner’s love letter to Alexa Chung: "My mouth hasn’t shut up about you since you kissed it. The idea that you may kiss it again is stuck in my brain, which hasn’t stopped thinking about you since well before any kiss."

what is it, Stiles? what is it?

"I started to be much happier in my relationships when I realized that I can only control myself. That way, you don’t worry about people and don’t waste your time thinking, ‘What if he cheats on me?’ You can’t control that."

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Taylor Swift + Friends at the Clive Davis Pre Grammy Party.

Taylor Swift + Kelly Osbourne at the Clive Davis Pre Grammy Party.

And I don't know why but with YOU I'd dance in a storm in my best dress


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